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IPexcel Services Private Limited was incorporated with a vision to become a differentiator in the crowded IP services space. We believe in innovative and out of the box thinking that would help our clients achieve a competitive advantage in today’s markets.

IPexcel is an Innovation & Technology Consultancy Company which operates under five different verticals comprising Innovation Consulting, Patent Analytics, Patent Preparation & Prosecution, Patent Commercialization, and Ancillary services. In addition to providing conventional Patent Analytical, Patent Preparation, and Patent Prosecution services, we use our proprietary “InnoPace” methodology to help our clients develop products at a pace faster than their competitors. Our proprietary “InnoPace” methodology integrates Technical Expertise, Patent Analytics, Patent Law, and Product Development Cycle to enable our clients in obtaining an edge over their competitors by generating innovative products faster. Similarly, we use our technical expertise, legal acumen, and IP management skills to help our clients generate revenues from their patents as well.

Our team comprises of Patent Attorneys, Patent Analysts, Technology Experts, and Experienced Patent Commercialization Partners. Our team members have graduated in Technology and Law from some of the premier educational institutes of India and who have gained their expertise in patents while working for the fortune 50 companies of the world. Our team has a legal edge over our competitors as our team members are some of the first few people in India who have gained their knowledge in Intellectual Property Laws by attending a Full-Time Law degree course specialized in Intellectual Property Laws. Therefore, our team members are able to provide unmatched value addition to our services, which saves clients costs in terms of time and money.


Relevant Expertise

Our team comprises of experienced Patent Attorneys and Patent Professionals with excellent domain knowledge both in Technology & Law. Our Patent Attorneys have gained their knowledge in IP from the best IP Law School in India, which was established in collaboration with the George Washington University, USA. Therefore, each of our Patent Attorney is well versed with the International Patent Laws, and Patent Drafting & Filing Requirements. Each of our work products is reviewed by our experienced Patent Attorneys, which further improves the quality of our work products.

Improved Work Products

Each of our work products is reviewed by our experienced Patent Attorneys, which further improves the quality & value of our work products. For example, in a Freedom to Practice search or a Risk Analysis Search, it is important to analyse the results based on statutory time limit for revival of lapsed patents in different jurisdictions as it may create a potential pitfall for the client.

Quality First

Statistical and Behavioural Analysis has proven time and again that Quality of work products prepared by the employees in an organization is inversely proportional to the work load of the employee. Therefore, our internal project assignment and execution model ensures that our team members are never overloaded with work so that they can provide the highest quality of services to our clients.

Deep Industry Connect

Our team comprises of experienced Patent Attorneys and Patent Professionals who have either graduated from the best IP law school of India, gained their experience while working in fortune 50 companies, or both. Therefore, we have an excellent connect in the IP Industry, which enables us to share best practices, be updated, and execute work in the most effective & efficient way.

Our Team



Dinkar is an Indian Patent Attorney having experience of around 7 years in International Patent Laws. He holds a B.Tech degree in Electronics, a LLB degree with specialization in IP, and is an IIT Kharagpur Alumni. In his 7 years of experience, he has worked for General Electric (GE) at various positions and has also filed a patent application as an Inventor for GE. Dinkar has also completed GE’s United States Patent & Trademark Office Equivalency Examination conducted by Patent Resource Group and has International exposure in Patent Laws & Services.

He majorly works with clients on Innovation Consulting and Patent Commercialization. Dinkar is well appreciated by his clients for his Innovation Consulting capabilities and has also received various awards & recognitions in past 7 years for his Patent Drafting & Prosecution services.


Managing Director

Madhumita is a young and dynamic Patent Attorney who works with clients on requirements related to Lifesciences. Madhumita holds a B.Tech in Biotechnology and a LLB with specialization in IP. Madhumita is also an IIT Kharagpur Alumni and has a mixed experience of over 6 years in Patent Analytics, and Patent Drafting & Prosecution, while working for an offshore patent services company in India. Madhumita also works closely with Indian and US based start-ups on their Patent related matters.

She is also the author of numerous national and international publications and has a deep understanding of the IP services sector. In addition to her business goals, she provides Pro-Bono Legal and IP advice to various individuals and Non-Profit organizations.

Currently, our team includes four more Techno-Legal Professionals who work at the initial and mid-level positions in the organization. We also have strategic partners who are specialized in Patent commercialization and Technology Scouting.

Our Services

Innovation Consulting

In the world of rapidly changing technology, reaching the market early with a new product is the mantra of success for any organization. We help our clients to achieve that success by using our proprietary “InnoPace” methodology, which enables our clients to develop innovative products at a pace faster than their competitors. Our proprietary “InnoPace” methodology integrates Technical Expertise, Patent Analytics, Patent Law, and Product Development Cycle to enable our clients in obtaining an edge over their competitors by generating innovative products faster. The methodology includes a mix of opportunity identification, Design Around methods, Technology Landscapes and the like. The “InnoPace” methodology is developed to provide custom solutions to our clients based on their requirements.

Invention Harvesting & Idea Evaluation

Invention Harvesting & Idea Evaluation are some of the steps involved in the “InnoPace” methodology. Due to the customizable nature of the “InnoPace” methodology, we also provide Invention harvesting & Idea Evaluation as a standalone service. With our Knowledge & Expertise we act as a catalyst in the step by step process of Invention Harvesting and guide the Technologists for generating a pool of innovative solutions for a problem statement. Later, we evaluate the ideas based on a set of parameters to identify the best possible solution for the problem statement.

IP Management

We help our clients optimize their patent portfolios by classifying their patent assets based on a predefined set of parameters, which helps the clients in identifying the critical and non-critical patent assets. This service helps our clients to save enormous costs involved with maintaining the patent assets and also helps in locating the blockbuster patent assets.

Intangible Assets Realization

We provide End to End Patent Services for securing our Client’s Innovations. We deliver high quality Patent Drafting, Filing, and Prosecution Services for our Clients. We are equipped to Draft, File, and Prosecute Indian & International Patent Applications through our strategic partners in more than ten countries. Our Patent Attorneys have extensive experience in Drafting & Prosecuting Patent Applications for various jurisdictions based on different Statutory Requirements and prevailing Patent Jurisprudence. Moreover, our strategic alliances with partners in different countries enable us to Draft, File, & Prosecute Patent Applications at unmatched costs.

Strategic IP Protection Consulting

Our IP Protection consulting services help our clients to optimize their patent filings both in terms of numbers and patent family, which maximizes the return on expenditure for patent filings and saves unnecessary Patent Filing & Protection Costs.

Technology Scouting

Organizations are under continuous pressure to bring new products to market, innovate on the existing products, and look for new partners to complement their products or services. We help the organizations to identify such partners who have the technology that can complement their products or services through our Technology Scouting Service.

Technology Procurement

The next step to Technology Scouting is Technology Procurement. Clients may know their potential partners or they may request our services to identify partners, in both situations we help our clients to navigate and negotiate a deal with the potential partner. Our clients may use our services for entering into a Joint Venture, Acquisition, or a Technology Licensing leading to Technology & Knowhow Transfer from one organization to another.

Organizations and Individual Inventors spend a fortune in securing a patent. However, they find it exceedingly difficult to generate revenues from them. We help the patent holders to extract monetary value from their patents through multiple channels and strategies based on the technical area, Patent strength, and application of the technology protected in the patent. We conduct IP due diligence at various levels based on the requirements of our clients ranging from Strength Discovery, Value Chain Analysis, and Patent Valuation. We further help our clients with Licensing Negotiations, Agreements, and Technology Transfer.

Have you ever thought of the impact of using Free Open Source Software (FOSS) on you and your organization. If not, then think again! Free Open Source Software are distributed under more than two hundred different licenses and Non-Compliance with the predefined conditions listed in the License may be catastrophic. Therefore, it is not only important to understand and comply with the predefined conditions listed in the Licensing Agreement, it is also important to safeguard your own proprietary information.

We at IPexcel, provide Open Source Consulting Services for FOSS usage in commercial product’s IP clearances and Licensing, Contributor Agreements, and Community related Issues. We also provide first of its kind Open Source Consulting Solutions for our clients, which range from SW/HW architecture alterations, Risk Mitigation, and Determining & Recommending remediation steps to protect the proprietary information of our clients.

Our Open Source Consulting Services and Solutions are managed by our Open Source Experts who have expertise in C, C++ programming, Open Source Software, and Open Source Licensing with a relevant experience of over 8 years, while working for fortune 100 companies of the world.

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